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Cold Weather Care Tips for Your Windshield

Windshield is the most prominent part of your car and it demands more care. We normally just pay attention to the tires or engine of our cars but windshields are also important. A proper maintenance and care is needed for this shield. In cold weather, its care is considered as a must to do task. With the help of this article, you will know some useful care tips for the maintenance of the windshield or you can say glass. Below are some tips to maintain the windshield of your car in cold weather: An ice scraper is best suitable in order to remove ice from it. In cold weather, you can see ice on the windshield of your car on frequent basis. You can surely remove this ice from the windshield by using an ice scraper. You can also use spatula or nay other item for the removal of ice but these spatulas are responsible for creating scratches on the windshield. You should avoid the usage of such items. Only an ice scraper can do this job perfectly without creating scratches over the glass. In cold weather, avoid pouring to hot water on the windshield of your car. Majority of car owners use to do this big mistake. When they see ice on the windshield of their car, they pour hot water over it in order to melt it. You should not do this as this kind of sudden change in temperature can cause the breakage of glass. Best way to melt this ice is to start the defroster of your car. Because of this defroster, this frozen ice starts to melt slowly. This is a very safe way of doing so. Replacement of old blades of viper can also be considered in order to protect the windshield of your car in winter. This replacement is necessary because there is a special kind of rubber present on the blades of viper. This rubber starts to break down with the passage of time. If you do not do so then this damaged rubber can create visible scratches on the glass. This replacement should be considered for at least two times per year. If you see ice on the windshield of your car, use a spray in this regard. In market, you can easily find a reliable ice melting spray. Make use of this spray on the glass and let the entire ice melt. You should need to pay stress on the parking of your car in cold winters. Make sure to park the car under a shelter or even in garage. Main purpose is placing the car in an area where there is no scene of harsh environment. In this way, you can protect your car from ice and even from other things. All car owners are recommended to repair the chipped or you can say cracked glass. This process is affordable for almost all car owners. In some cases, insurance companies are there to help you people. Windshield washer fluid is very important for your car so you must choose one with great care.

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